Jord's Tool Kit

The aim of “Jord’s Tool Kit” is to give a first-year apprentice the kick start in their industry they have chosen to have a future in.

This is in honour of our son Jordan Sherwood who tragically took his own life in 2020 after illegally being supplied with pharmaceutical drugs, having little knowledge of the outcome of the side effects.

Jordan was going into his third year as a refrigeration apprentice and as many know these trades no longer have a tool allowance.
With many first-year apprentices unable to afford the basic tools of the trade, we will aim to give them a kick start once the application is submitted and fits the criteria as outlined below.

We know that deep down Jordan would have loved this idea and would support this legacy in his name to give an up and coming trades person the start in their new career and the future work force.

The kits are valued at around $1500, of which have been kindly donated by local suppliers and public donations.

Jordan was very much into his street art and graffiti which we have incorporated within our sites and flyers

Round 1 applications close

25 February 2022

Presentation on 5th March 2022

Round 2 applications open

28 February 2022

Applications for round 2 only for the following trades: Electrical, Refrigeration, Plumbing

Applicant Requirements

Must be starting or started first year apprenticeship and completed your 3-month probation period

Must reside with in the Kimberley region in Western Australia

Must have a training contract registered with the WA Apprenticeship office or application submitted


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